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Why use W3C compliance HTML?

Why use W3C compliance HTML?Everybody wants to have a best website and they want to achieve their business goals, we must ensure that we have nothing but the best online website. Today, Internet users are very informed and they have very little time or patience for inferior materials. They have bundles of other options right in front of them. So, we cannot afford to have a poor website quality if we are serious about achieving our business objectives.

When it comes to web design, Micromerger offers a number of options. We can provide you best website templates to fulfill your requirements. But if we want to make sure that we have a stunning website that will get results, we have only one option. We have a team of designers who will provide you best results and will deliver consistently W3C-compliant Web 2.0 websites with optimized Flash and RSS.

Even if you argue that the W3C has no direct impact on search engines. I'm sure nobody would complain to Google if this figure of 40% on websites with HTML syntax errors dropped. And that dispute displays a more specific code through a variety of devices which means you'll have a better chance to increase readership if you have any standard web code - after all, is the whole question of get a better ranking anyway: more readers = more clicks.

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