Web2.0 And Web

There are some major differences between Web2.0 and Web

Difference Between Web2.0 And Web

Difference Between Web2.0 And WebThe word "web" we all know is measured as a "static" mania. Normally web is considered as an old technology or old platforms. Web 2.0 is that which provides its users a platform. Instead of being "published" by someone, people who use the website to "publish" the content. They market and modify it.

Well-known examples of "Web 2.0 applications" are in use and are much talked about like Wikipedia articles for Wikipedia, Face Book for the upholding friendship (Social Networking Forum) and YouTube for young generation uploading the videos and share them with their friends and family./p>

"Be aware about the importance of web for your business"

Web 1.0 or simple Web is a kind of platform where there are new versions of it. But there's nothing like a new version for existing structures in the Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is a kind of service especially for users and this adds the importance of web in everyone's life. Web was about publishing, not participation and was very limited. Web 2.0 helps to boost user involvement such as blogs, e-commerce websites, etc. streams, where each user has the possibility of publishing a website in one way or another.

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