Search Engine Optimization

Do take good care about these points while starting SEO project

Be Careful Your SEO Process Can Be Hurt!!!

Search Engine OptimizationAn important factor to be considered is your website design, how well it presents itself to search engine optimization (SEO), the process which is known for improving your rankings in search results. Adding up certain features can negatively affect your website SEO and because of this your exposure in the internet world will become limited. At MIcroMerger, our website designers will guide you on web site designs that are eye-catching, easy to navigate and SEO-friendly.


Flash is famous for its interactive applications such as video or animation, it is a fact that flash elements are eye-catching and engaging. It does not contain text, which search engine spiders need in order to crawl and index content, which is nightmare for SEO. If you want to have best results from flash, do not use flash in your menu, use it for videos only.

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Excessive Inline JavaScript and CSS

For use interface of the website, scripts add more function such as rollover effects of image, form input validation plus it can increase the page load time considerably. Always use required scripts and try to make them as simple as you can so that the load time will be low.


Website redirects plays a vital role in getting extra traffic whether it is from old website or within the same industry. If we take a look on all the major redirects, 301 is the most important one which will ensure that your new website gets the attention from search engines it deserves.

Content Management Systems

Content is King! Everyone in the industry is aware of this fact. To present your content to major search engines you should have a flexible content management system. Your cms should provide the feature of creating search engine friendly URL and you can categorize your content with ease. This will make your website more prominent to all the major search engines and you will be able to attract more and more valuable customers.

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