Points To Remember

Making Website live in a proper way is not a piece of cake

Things to Consider Before Making a Website Live

Before Making a Website LiveHuman beings use to prefer the life which goes in a routine and some times they do this intentionally and sometimes it happens without their will. They find paths to make their selves easy and relax in order to make their lives smooth. When they enter in their professional life these habits are strongly formed, doesn't matter whatever their profession is whether they are from finance or IT.

Let's pick IT department and if we get further in it let's select designers and developers, after the launch of their websites their habits can be easily seen. Humans make mistakes and yes they are also humans, thing is if they are professionals they wont make big mistakes like they missed a whole module or they attached a different design from the one which client approved at the time of deal.

"Let's have some quick review at the points which should be considered before launching a website"
Sit back and Calm down

It is easy to say and very tough to do, everyone is aware of this fact but you have to implement this. It will favor you in every circumstance like you will be able to solve the issues more efficiently than freaking out. Yeah sometimes it is better to speak your heart out to make your head relax but it is preferable to calm down. You will be able to regain your energy in glimpse of seconds and you will perform your task more efficiently. It is quite easy to review the work done keenly in relax mood rather than in tense state of mind.

Pin Point Analysis

Pin Point AnalysisMost of the designers and developers run this comprehensive pin point process to make sure they have achieved their target. They name it as a speed test which includes link testing, GUI testing, checks of scripts, spell check etc. It is quite difficult to tackle all the bugs and overlook the whole project but still you can make yourself satisfied by implementing this speed test. This testing phase shows that you are a professional and efficient enough to understand the importance of the client's work.

The best approach is to tick the points of check list one by one that every point is working properly. This testing phase adds points to your professional status and you will be known as a pro in the field of Information technology.

Compatibility Check with different Browsers

Every Website should work smoothly in different browsers, as every user love to use their favorite browser. Some major browsers to consider are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc... Cross compatibility check with different browsers is one of the most important phases in order to make sure that your project is successful.

Get Quick feed back

Another best approach is to use your sources for opinions and feedback just because to give your Website a second eye. This will give you a true idea about your work, one important thing is to give your website to those whom you trust and make sure they know how to tackle with the websites.

Passing your website over web friend's network will give you an instant bug report with feedback. It is very simple just upload your website with password protected URL and share it with your trust worthy friends.

Database Back Up

Backing up all the important data before launching the website is the most important step to consider. Taking backup of the files before handing over the project to the client is very sensible because you never know what will happen with the website when your client will use it. Some times clients don't have required knowledge to operate the website efficiently so it is better to take the backup for any mishap.

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